I stare around the empty room for one last time.
The walls are empty,
And everything that once was there,
Is gone.
I touch the sky blue color again;
My childhood was written on these walls
With the pen my fingers
Couldn’t physically grasp.
But it was there all the same.
I breathe in this last, silent moment,
Smelling the past
I have a hard time remembering.
And I am scared.
If I forget,
What is left of this room?
Once I can’t remember the colors and joy
Of this place
How can it still be mine?
And I suppose at that point,
It wouldn’t be.
I find that hard to accept
As I let go of the doorframe.
But as I let go,
I feel bittersweet about leaving this place.
This please where I truly was happy,
Is not mine anymore.
And I quietly whisper a “Goodbye”
As I shut the door.