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Within this empty world,

The sky is never blue.

Sunlight long forgotten

Just grey filled darkness too.

Within this empty world,

I walk and never rest.

The burden that I bear,

Is just Heaven’s cruel jest.

None can walk beside me,

That road is cursed with pain.

Perhaps it’s all my doing?

I caused the cold, red rain?

I do not ask for pity,

Nor wallow in my tears.

My fate I will embrace

Throughout the lonely years.

Mistakes? I’ve made so many.

Afraid to face the truth-

I never was “Just Me”,

Just a wasted youth.

Fear- it always chained me.

I moved to worldly dance.

So terrified and weak,

I could not take a chance.

I really was so stupid

I built my world on sand,

Just trying to fit in,

I never made my stand.

I guess I broke some hearts-

I know that they broke mine.

Tears that kept on falling,

Looked like blood red wine.

“If”- the word that haunts me,

The mirror in my soul.

Right reasons, wrong choices,

All leading to my “Own Goals”.

Saw my inner beauty,

As demons in disguise.

Fighting, always fighting-

Of course I lost the prize.

And now, I understand.

So I must walk alone,

Accepting all my pain.

Knowing I’ve created

Clouds of cold, Red Rain…