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You and I spent Time

The exact measure of it-

Each with 60 minutes to our hour.

I begged for more Time

While you only wished to kill it.

All the while,

Time was quietly killing me.

Time played nice,

Acted gingerly,

But deceived constantly.

It unsheathed its sword,

And slowly plunged its way

Through my soul.

But it did not stop when it was through my body-



It went on;


Time goes on.


You go on.


In fact,

You still stretch for miles

In all directions-

You were created to create-

To bring sight to the blind-

To spread love to all-

And yet,

You drove Time’s blade into me.


I waited.


And now I  am a child

Wading in the river-

But my lips are still dry

Of hope,

And my stomach is still hungry

For more


This a cycle I repeat-

My life-long condemnation-

To forgive,

Yet feel pain

To forgive,

Yet feel pain

To love,

But still hate



It is being

Achingly disappointing

That makes you

And Time

One in the same.

And yet I still crave for prolonged Time,

Just as I still crave for prolonged you.