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After weeks of constant travel,

The road that lay before me began to feel

more familiar than the structure bearing the title

of My Home.

I could show a stranger my hotel room and say

this is My Room, here, I’ll give you the grand tour!

My Soaps and disposable toothbrushes are on the counter

in the bathroom-

I can call the front desk if you forgot your own.

Those soaps and toothbrushes will be your own now.

My Snacks are sparse, but you’re welcome to whatever’s

on top of My Dresser there.

Room service’s a bust.

But there are at least a dozen channels on My T.V.!

The décor is somewhat out of style

Redecorating is out of the question,

don’t be silly,

I’ll be gone in a few days’ time anyhow

maybe even as soon as tomorrow.

Headed back out to I-95.

It could be south to FL

Or north to MA;

I could ride the east coast

Til I die.